What is Micro Penis Syndrome? Can it Be Medically Treated?

erectile-dysfunction-both-early-morning-erection-down-penis2Micropenis syndrome is a disorder where men have penis size no more than 3 inch in length when it is fully erect.

This disorder is typically identified by parents or physicians after birth. Statistics tell that 1 in every 200 men suffer from this issue.

Can Micro Penis Be Medically Treated?

As this medical disorder is typically caused due to inadequate creation of androgen hormone, it’s often diagnosed via the hormonal therapy.

But, this method has partial success. Hence, the organ most times fails to increase to the normal size.

Another popular treatment method is surgery

Lately, The London College University has enhanced this technique for diagnosing a micro-penis disorder. In this method the skin is grafted from the fore arm, and is modeled and rolled like a penis which is around 5inch long.

The skin is resettled on the present penile tissue in order to maintain the sensation. Additionally a stretchy prosthesis along with artificial urethra are added that lets the subject to urinate as well as attain proper erection.

The above surgery has shown positive results in almost half of all the patients, even though a few men had several procedures for correcting prosthesis expansion or fighting the infections.

These surgeries always come with some sort of risk. Hence, you must talk regarding them with the physician and determine if you wish to proceed or not.

However in majority of the cases, as micro penises are very small, exercises to enlarge the penis naturally are the best way for preparing the penis for the penis extender.

Hence, men must do exercises for a number of months (or possibly the entire year) till they achieve the suitable size for starting the use of traction devices.

The final outcomes are good, however the subject must be determined as well as have the right discipline for completing the entire procedure. Clearly, it will take a little time for achieving visible outcomes. Also, you must use the extender for multiple hours.

Try Penile Extender such as SizeGenetics

One more way for making the micropenis longer through penis extenders.

Over the years many miscro penile sufferers have found solace is type1 and premium penile extenders like Sizegenetics, which has proven to help add 1-3 inches to men’s standard size after few months.

Yet again you must be determined enough to achieve your goal. You won’t get the desired results if you don’t follow this routine consistently.

Still, we recommend you avoid solving this issue on your own. Prior to trying such treatments, consult with your urologist to talk about the all available options. Read more on the home blog…