Is it a permanent health issue – Gynecomastia?

In this modern 21st century where the science has achieved tremendous success in medical science, still, there is some health issue still unknown to people. Among them, gynecomastia is one health issue that affects only men’s health. It is treated as the most embarrassing medical condition in this modern time. Gynecomastia normally refers to men boobs. Once you develop breasts, you may think that it would stay permanently.

You may be right, but it can be prevented permanently. Its visibility and duration depend on its cause as some gynecomastia can be cured and avoided with some basic steps. The major types of gynecomastia are pseudo-gynecomastia and normal gynecomastia. One arises due to body’s hormonal imbalance where pseudo-gynecomastia related with your weight problem. Here this gynecomastia can be prevented permanently if you maintain a good diet and exercise every day. Always remember that low fat food produces low fat in the body which reduce the chances of pseudo-gynecomastia.

It can stop permanently if you avoid these things

For some people, gynecomastia arises after specific medication. The medicines that increase the chances to have gynecomastia are hypertension tablets like calcium channel blocker, ACE inhibitors, antibiotics like ketoconazole, metronidazole, some anti-ulcer tablets like ranitidine, omeprazole and may other tablets. Some no medication products like tea tree and lavender oils also trigger gynecomastia in men’s bodies. This medicine can change hormonal level in the body and can disturb the balancing factors between estrogen and testosterone.

If the level of estrogen increases in the body, that will lead to gynecomastia. Apart from this testicular cancer also creates hormonal imbalance creating gynecomastia. In this condition, you can stop gynecomastia from developing inside, your body by just altering the medications, or you stop consuming some medicine after your doctor’s advice. This type of gynecomastia is entirely curable. There is nothing to worry about it. There is another thing that you can avoid to prevent gynecomastia is alcohol consumption. Alcohol boosts the process of hormonal disorder. If you avoid this, then you can permanently stop gynecomastia.

Sometimes during the time of puberty gynecomastia is form. It develops during middle age, and it gets solved automatically within six months to 2 2years. If it lasts beyond this period, then it can be symptoms of other medical issues, so here you need to visit you, doctor. You just need to increase your body’s testosterone level.

Even though with the help of some surgery, it can be treated efficiently, but there are some ugly effects of gynecomastia surgery.

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The ugly side of gynecomastia surgery

It the surgery not carried out efficiently it can give you a scare. In this scarring is a big issue. If you do the surgery by a new plastic surgeon, then you are at risk, and you may have a bad scarring after the surgery. Sometimes after this, you may get mismatched breasts so to fix that you again will have to pay more to the doctors.

You may permanently lose the sensation ability of the nipple. Surgery may lead to substantial bleeding as the surgery conducted on an active muscle. It can last for more than three weeks. It is better that you should prevent this yourself by maintaining your diet and exercise level.