Use The Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum To Keep Your Apartment Clean And Tidy

bissell-2880bEvery now and then something really powerful comes in a small, almost unimpressive package. That is certainly the case with the Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum. On first appearance it might not impress you since it is small, skinny and less than 10 pounds in weight, but turn it on and its efficiency and convenience may actually blow your mind.

The Easy Vac 3130 design incorporates some features that are found on full sized modern vacuum cleaners, but it comes in a small package that is easy to tote around the house, drag up and down stairs, or even take out to a vehicle. According to the Pet Vacuum Guy, the features that make it impressive include:

  • Bagless design
  • 800 watts of power
  • 2 rotating brushes
  • On-board tools
  • Filtering system
  • Compatible on any type of flooring
  • Lifetime Washable Foam Filter

800 watts is considerably less power than you would find on a full sized vacuum, but it is a nice amount of power for a small featherweight vacuum. The two brushes rotate around one another which make the system more efficient at sweeping up dirt and other debris from the floor.

You can’t expect such a small vacuum to handle large vacuuming jobs and the smaller head size won’t allow it to cover a lot of floor space with each pass, but it is perfect for a variety of other jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Sweeping inside closets and other small areas where a full sized vacuum doesn’t fit easily.
  • Sweeping up and down stairways so you don’t have to lug a heavy vacuum up and down.
  • Sweeping bathroom floors and other small rooms when on-the-spot clean up is needed.

In fact, anytime you have a small mess that you want to clean up right away, it is more convenient to whip out the Bissell Easy Vac than it is to pull out a full sized vacuum. When you don’t need a lot of power but need to get something done fast, the Easy Vac is the perfect tool to have on hand. Especially if you are looking for the best handheld vacuum for cars.

The bagless design is highly sought after today because most people don’t want to waste time and money finding, purchasing and changing vacuum bags. The Easy Vac has a simple dirt canister that pulls out to be emptied then pops right back into place.

Many lightweight or stick vacuums don’t include any type of on-board tools, but the Easy Vac does give you something in this area. You won’t find all the tools that might come on board a full sized vacuum, but Bissell does include a dusting brush and crevice tool. There is also a hose that stretches out to get corners, along floor boards, or the crevices that run along stairways.

It’s OK for tiles and bare flooring but may scratch hardwood. There are better vacuums for hardwood floors in the market.

There are also a couple filters that help clean up the air some as you vacuum, though again this is not nearly as advanced as the filtering systems now included on full size vacuums.
The Bissell Easy Vac is not going to keep your entire home dirt and dust free, but it will become a valuable tool that you take out almost daily to keep your home as clean as possible. There are times when you just dread hauling out that heavy vacuum cleaner for small jobs, and now you don’t have to do that!

3 Key Tips To Consider When Buying A Camping Tent


If you’re a keen fan of camping, then buying a new tent is going to be pretty exciting! There’s nothing quite like spending a few nights in the wild outdoors with your trusty new camping tent – but which one should you buy? To help you make the right decision, we’ve prepared several fantastic tips that’ll assist you with purchasing the best model. With this in mind, let’s get straight to the tips.

Tip 1 – Choose your capacity

The amount of people you’re looking to keep in your tent will play a big role in your final decision of which one to purchase. Often, it’s a good idea to buy a tent that’s designed for one extra person than required. For example, if three people are going to be using the tent, aim to by one that’s designed to house 4 people.

By getting the extra space, you’ll make sure everyone is extra comfortable – and it also takes into account the room that’ll be required for anyone who tends to toss and turn during their night’s sleep. Overall, a bigger tent is usually better, so getting the extra space is highly recommended. Also read these useful hydration pack reviews.

Tip 2 – Check your peak height

Another crucial thing to consider when buying a new tent is what your ‘peak height’ is like. This term simply describes the space that’s available at the ‘peak’ of your tent, and in most cases, more is always better. Tents which come with high peak heights are usually of the ‘cabin’ variety, which gives you a nice tall peak along the center of your tent.

However, there’s also the option of ‘dome shaped’ tents, which also give you plenty of peak height in the center, but also come with sloping sides which cause you to lose space. But a real perk of the dome style tents is the fantastic wind resilience they provide, thanks to their curved sides. You can see an example of these and other best tent reviews at

Tip 3 – Packing size

You’ll also need to think about how big your tent is once it’s all fully packed away. In fact, the packing size will be absolutely crucial if you plan to take your tent cycling or hiking – because you don’t want to be lumped with a huge, uncomfortable tent when you’re walking or riding.


This can also be important for when you’re keeping a tent in the trunk of your vehicle – especially if you’re going to be taking plenty of additional camping supplies with you!