Are Anabolic Steroids Safe To Use?

Though there is lot of negative information surrounding the use of anabolic steroids, there is no doubt that they are very widely used in the medical field. They are very useful for treating various forms of anemia, apart from being considered the drug of choice for treatment of chronic and acute wounds. Those who suffer from protein-calorie malnutrition when on a weight loss program are also often prescribed these anabolic steroids. They are also used for treating severe burns and various types of arthritis which do not respond to conventional drugs. While the use of this drug is quite widespread, the problem arises when it is actually misused.

bodybuilding-whats-new-header-cUsed For Body Building

Sportsmen and women are known to use anabolic steroids for increasing their muscle mass. Weightlifters, wrestlers and short sprint runners and many other sportspersons are known to be taking this drug and quite a few of them use it indiscreetly. Almost all sports ban the use of this substance because it is against normal training and performance enhancing substances that are available in the market. More importantly they are extremely dangerous and the side effects are very damaging to say the least. Hence if somebody asks the question whether anabolic steroids are safe to use, the answer would be yes and no. The answer would be yes if the drug is used for specific medical conditions and that too strictly on the doctors’ advice and prescription.

Some Ordinary And Serious Side Effects

negative-effects-of-steroidsWhile the drug is relatively safe when taken on doctors’ advice, it could have many side effects when used indiscriminately. While some side effects are quite routine and ordinary, there could be many serious side effects which customers should be aware of. Oily skin and hair is a common problem and some people could also suffer from moderate to severe acne. Hair loss could also be reported. On a more serious side, many people who have indiscriminately used anabolic steroids have suffered kidney and liver damage, heart attacks and strokes, high blood pressure, abnormal increase in cholesterol and other blood lipids and abnormal increase in size of breasts in men which is referred to as gynecomastia. Women also suffer from infertility, irregular periods, and excess growth of hair in the face and deeper voice and a host of other serious problems.

Hence at the end of the day, while there are some solid reasons to use anabolic steroids they should be restricted and regularized failing which it could be very dangerous.